Culatra Island in Ria Formosa

A complete guide to know more about the Culatra Island in Algarve, how to get there, what to do and what makes it so special. From all the islands in Ria Formosa, this fishermen island is the only one that actually does not lives solely from tourism and has people living all year round. Culatra […]

Castles of Algarve

The Castles of Algarve On the southern tip of Portugal, you can find the Algarve, which is a coastal town with almost 500,000 permanent residents and countless visitors. All along the Algarve, you can find stunning beaches with golden sand and clear turquoise waters as well as some of the best views in Portugal. Other […]

8 Olhao beaches to visit in Ria Formosa

Discover the best quality Olhão beaches in our guide, and learn which ones are the right fit for you, what to there, and how to get there.A lot of people ask “Does olhao has a beach?”, yes it does, but if we take into consideration the beaches in Olhão that do not require any boat, […]

Ria Formosa. What is this, Park or Lagoon?

What is Ria Formosa Please click on the blue text to know more. I’ll tell honestly, my first half a year in on the bank of Ria Formosa I couldn’t understand what is it. From everywhere I heard – Ria Formosa that and this. And definitely, a lot of life goes there. Ria Formosa influencing […]

New years eve in Algarve

Best places to spend New Years Eve in Algarve During Christmas and New Years in Algarve, you can find quite a rich offer of things to do. The cities become busier and the businesses reopen to welcome everyone. As always, depents what you are looking for, you do have more turistic and party oriented places […]

Alvor trails – Walking around

Please click on the blue text to know more. Alvor Alvor locates 5 km west from Portimao, and is not much further from Lagos as well. In past fishing village became a cosy resort laying surrounded with a wide long beach and a wide river. The river gives a safe place for boats and change it looks dependably […]

4 days in Algarve by car. Algarve Trip for a conscious traveler.

GENERAL TIPS Please click on the blue text to know more. We’ll warn from the start, for decent exploration of Algarve 4 days is pretty limited time. This region is comparatively small. From west to east (from the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean to Spain border) is two and a half hours on the car. Regardless of the […]

Eastern Algarve. What is it like and what to visit.

Photo: Wooden pass to the ocean through protected areas on island Culatra SPECIFICS OF EASTERN ALGARVE Please click on the blue text to know more. The southern region of Portugal called Algarve. These beautiful coastlands attract millions of tourist every year. Though Algarve isn’t a big region, its parts have specifics. Main eastern Algarve differences […]

Carnival (Carnaval) on the south of Portugal: Loule

Biggest Carnival march in Algarve Please click on the blue text to know more. A few years in a row February goes with really good weather on the south of Portugal, region with name Algarve. If you are from northern Europe we strongly advise you to come here and get a break from the grey sky in […]

Algarve in times of Coronavirus

On the picture: Faro island beach 08/05/2020. Usual Algarve life in this time of the year “Coronavirus quarantine” started in Portugal on the 14th of March, basically after winter tourism sleep various touristic services started to reopen. Winter is a low season for Algarve, there are minimum tourists on the street and some hotels, cafes […]