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How to get to Fuseta Island - Ferry Boat and Aquataxi

Visit the Fuseta Island, Barra Velha, Barra Nova or Praia do Homem Nú. All of them will stun you.
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AquaTaxi Fuseta

In case you want to get to the Ria Formosa islands quicker from Fuseta, need to get there after hours or to any other island which the ferry boats do not go to, you can always get an Aquataxi in Fuseta. Contact us at +351 961 398 169, and we will fix it for you.

With the AquaTaxi Fuseta you will not be limited to the Fuseta Island and can visit other islands, such as Barra Nova, Barra Velha, Praia do Homem Nú, away from the masses and pet friendly.

Check the table bellow for pricing:

Nº People Fuseta Island Barra Nova (BD) Barra Nova (BE) Barra Velha (C) Homem Nú (D)
1 7€ 6.50€ 10€ 15€ 15€
2 7€ 7€ 10€ 20€ 20€
3 10.50€ 10.50€ 15€ 25€ 25€
4 14€ 14€ 20€ 30€ 30€
+1 +3.5€ +3.50 +5€ +5€ +5€

Book Your Aquataxi From Fuseta

+351 961 398 169
[email protected]

Ferry Boat Fuseta Island

You can visit the island of Fuseta with the public Ferry Boat from Fuseta Village. It’s the cheaper way to visit the island. The schedules vary from season to season. If you want to find out more about Ria Formosa check our blog post.

Fuseta to Fuseta Island

The Ferry Boat from Fuseta to Fuseta Island comes and goes according to the needs, making frequent round trips starting from the schedules which you can find below.

This way is the cheapest and might be the most comfortable and suitable for elders, as it offers bigger boats. In the summer times, the ferry Fuseta might be a bit too crowded and the waiting time might increase. 

1st of June to 31st of August

Fuseta Fuseta Island
First Boat 9:00 9:15
Last Boat 18:45 19:00

1st of September to 5st of October

Fuseta Fuseta Island
First Boat 8:30 8:45
Last Boat 19:45 20:00

Things to do in Fuseta

Kayak in Ria Formosa from Fuseta

Kayak in Ria Formosa from Fuseta

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Sailing Boat Tour from Fuseta, Olhao

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