Fuseta old neighbourhood

Algarvian cubic houses

Ria Formosa bank in Fuseta.

Beach and marina.

Islands reached from Fuseta

Barra da Fuseta and Fuseta Ilha

Why you should consider Fuseta?

It’s not us saying, it’s The Guardian who handpicked it as the Nº1 location on “Where to go on holiday this year: 23 great travel ideas for 2023”  

Fuseta is part of Olhão and has one of the best access to the Ria Formosa, with deserted islands 10 minutes away, easy access to Fuseta Island and some really cool things to do, such as Dolphin Watching, Kayak and Boat Tours. 

This hidden gem is still quite far from mass tourism, but maybe not for long, so you should hurry up. 

Walk in the old neighbourhood

A little cubic white village Fuseta, located between Olhao and Tavira. Peculiar white buildings with Arabic influence go down to the sea sometimes mixing with new constructions. It’s easy to relax and be caught in a calm atmosphere.

Main church stays fon the hill. You can check great views from the church square. Go from the marina of Fuseta to church through the old neighborhood, passing cafes and narrow empty streets. It’s amazing, that though old part of Fuseta resembles Algarvian building tradition it’s still not crowded with tourists and Airbnb.

Get to Fuseta by train


Fuseta have 2 train stationsFuseta and Fuseta-A. Both are very near the village center. From Fuseta-A the view is probably nice, as it locates on the hill. It’s only 4 minutes walking to the center by old streets around friendly local houses.

Ria Formosa in Fuseta. Beach and Marina.

Fuseta lays on the bank of Ria Formosa, same as nearby town Olhao, but here things are different. Right in the town, there is a beach with sand and blue still water.

Fuseta is something special in terms of waterfront. Usually, Ria Formosa meets us with wild waters, which are not good for swimming. But here the coast is excellent to have classic beach time and to do water sports.

In the same time beach of the village popular among locals, as its easy to get. There is a parking near. Old people and families with kids chose Fuseta beach as it always has calm waters.

Fuseta Guide by locals for an amazing 2023 trip

Walk along Fuseta Channel

There is a channel in Fuseta, along which it’s nice to have a walk watching fisherman doing their job. Channel leads to the beach and Ria Formosa lagoon. There some trees and benches to sit and relax. Even in winter, it’s usually warm enough to just enjoy the sun sitting by the channel. There are numerous cafes as well.

Fuseta Camping locates near the channel and beach. Though they plan to rebuild it into the resort.

Relax in Fuseta Marina and hike Ecovia

As Fuseta southern part looks on Ria Formosa you can walk the green zones near water. Depending on the tide you’ll get a sea view in high tide, or if its low tide – “dirt field” with lots of crabs to observe.

Walk or bike Ecovia trail. There is also an interesting circle trail in Fuseta 7,5 km long (Caminho da Ria Formosa), goes through salt pools and various trails around.

Water activities

You can get a boat tour, dolphin or bird watching, checking for Flamingos or sea horses, visiting oyster farms or similar. There some water sports as well, such as SUP, canoeing, kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing.  On our website you can book various activities.

Fuseta, Portugal

Dolphin Watching in Fuseta

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Fuseta, Portugal

Kayak Rental in Ria Formosa – Fuseta

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Fuseta, Portugal

2 Hours Ria Formosa Boat Tour in Fuseta

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Fuseta Guide by locals for an amazing 2023 trip

Islands in Fuseta:

Fuseta (Ilha da Fuseta) and

Barra da Fuseta

When you spend time on the Fuseta beach you’ll see deserted white sand islands on the opposite side. They look very close, but actually hard to go by swim because of the strong current in the middle of the way. One can get ferry or boat (often taxi-boat), offered by numerous companies and very quickly be on one of the islands, near the ocean.

Islands near Fuseta don’t have settlements on the contrary to islands near neighbouring towns Olhao and Tavira. Beaches here are not crowded by people, not commercialised, just sand and ocean.

Here we will talk in short about the islands, here we have an article about them with more details.

Fuseta island beach lays in front of Fuseta beach. It’s very fast to get here, and that’s why more people choosing to come here than to other island beaches around Fuseta village.

Fuseta island is the same island as Armona, which can be reached from neighbouring town Olhao. But because Armona settlement is too far away from Fuseta, this island part called Fuseta island.

You can visit these islands using aqua-taxi or ferry services which you can find here.