“End of the world” surf village

wild nature beauty

Village feels like an ideal escape from the big city life

Village Sagres is a unique place for the whole Europe because of its location – Sagres is the most west-southern point of the continent. Cliffs around the village are very high, so one can enjoy an amazing view from there and feel yourself like on the edge of the world. Sagres also is known as surf village. You can find shops with all necessary equipment and a lot of surf schools.

Sagres doesn’t have much infrastructure, there are no big supermarkets or dance clubs (Except Intermashe which is kind of far from village beaches). Beauty of Sagres is in Simplicity. There are a lot of cafes with fare prices. The village is scattered throughout the territory, which makes it more favourable for travellers with own vehicle.

Village is known, but is not crowded by tourists. You can try calm village life doing water sports and having extreme beauty of nature around.


Fortress surrounded by a lifetime views

15 minutes walking from the center of the village, on the cliff locates Sagres Fortress. Rare sea fort with a single fortified wall & 3 natural cliffs providing protection for defenders. The promontory of Sagres has always been important for sailors because it offers shelter for ships before attempting the dangerous voyage around Cape St. Vincent. Given the dangers of being blown onto the coastal rocks, captains preferred to wait in the lee of the point until favourable winds allowed them to continue.

Especially amazing to see Fortress when its big waves. It will be very windy, but crashingly beautiful.

Cape of Saint Vincent with Lighthouse

A little bit further from the village situated Cape of st. Vincent with Lighthouse, which actually is the southwestern edge of Sagres, Portugal, Europe. Lighthouse is very spectacular, we advise to come till the sunset, enjoy it and stay to watch lighthouse on the night sky a little bit. High clifftops, picturesque Atlantic waters and the lovely road to drive around make this place unforgettable.

Beautiful hiking trails Rota Vicentina and Via Algarviana start from exactly here. Rota Vicentina goes through the west coast of southern Portugal and Via Algarviana through the interior of Algarve, which is preserved the uniqueness and tradition. On the next websites one can explore more about these trails: