Carvoeiro guide

Small authentic town and beautiful beach. We hope that this Carvoeiro Guide will help you develop a better understanding of the region so you know what to do in Carvoeiro. People also call the place as Lagoa.

Carvoeiro Guide

Nature beauty. Ocean and rocks.


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Located between Benagil from the east and Portimao from the west, Carvoeiro as a small touristic town isn’t very known. Actually the destination is very visited, but a lot of people think that they are in Lagoa. Truly, In 2013, the civil parish merged into the new parish “Lagoa and Carvoeiro”  and now the parish calls just Lagoa.

For clarity, Lagoa is a town located about 5 north (3.1 mi) south of Carvoeiro, but also it’s a whole parish which covers the territory around towns.

Carvoeiro has its own charm and views which you’ll remember for a long time. Half of the century ago it started to grow popular as tourist town with all needed nearby. Before, as most Algarvian settlements, it was a fishing village. In deeper historical times the region was frequently “visited” by pirates and military assaults along the coast, with a number of naval battles occurring off the coast.

From historical records, the earliest settlement originated in the name Caboiere, an old name for a hamlet (village) of fishermen from the Islamic-medieval period. But, for most of its history, fishing was the mainstay of the local economy.

Another benefit of the town is its size, almost like a village, Carvoeiro is small, so tourists feel exclusive and closer to nature. Basically Carvoeiro is a beach, which locates in the middle and houses going up to cliffs on both sides and apartment blocks going further into the land. Both of the cliffs have stairs and you can walk up enjoying amazing views and go further by trails checking rocks formations. Portuguese white houses around the cliffs make it look very cozy.

Despite the small area, you’ll find lots of restaurants, cafes, hotels, water activities and tours. Popular in Algarve – Benagil caves tours are also available from Carvoeiro, after reading the Carvoeiro guide you can visit our tour page. All the area around town covered with expensive houses with pools and hotels.

On the top of the left cliff stays chapel and old gates, as a portal to the old fortress, was built in the year of 1670 ,  little remains of the fortress (Fort of Our Lady of the Incarnation). Chapel overlooking the sea and supposedly built before the construction of the fortress.

After starts a wooden platform walking trail – Cliff Walk going further by the edge of the cliff to the formation of Algar Seco. It’s very nice to walk there or do the morning run. Going by this little caminho (“way” in Portuguese) you’ll see the way down the cliff. It leads to some of the caves. So, walking by the sea is one of the most beautiful walks that can be advised to anyone visiting Carvoeiro.

Algar Seco

In this Carvoeiro guide we couldn’t let pass the Rock formation Algar Seco site is a real highlight of this parish, due to the harmonious set of its rocks that form authentic balconies and natural windows over the sea. It’s a mysterious world of caves, sculptures, tunnels and shimmering pools.

 Don’t be lazy, visit neighbouring beaches, each is unique and amazing. They are quite close, so you walk there if you don’t have a car.

Public Transport in Carvoeiro isn’t that good. Railway line goes quite far from the Carvoeiro and Lagoa. Check this page for the ways to get from Faro to Carvoeiro.  Here you can find a lot of info about Algarve public transport.

You can get with bus company Eva to Lagoa, Portimao, Beach Carvalho and Beach Vale Covo. Everything in less than one hour.