Best places to spend New Years Eve in Algarve

During Christmas and New Years in Algarve, you can find quite a rich offer of things to do. The cities become busier and the businesses reopen to welcome everyone.

As always, depents what you are looking for, you do have more turistic and party oriented places and some really quite spots which will make it perfect for some relaxed evening while still enjoying some fireworks.

West and Central Algarve


As the main touristic area in Algarve, Albufeira could not be skipper in this list. The most busiest city in Algarve during the New Years Eve, with people coming from all over the country (Usually teenagers and young adults) and also from all over the globe.

Usually the municipality has a concert in Praia dos Pescadores where everyone gathers for the Fireworks.

For a few nights Oura Strip and downtown become as busy as in summer.

So, if you are into partying and want to spend an awesome night, this is the place to be, but if you are into a more relaxed enviroment probably you should skip Albufeira.


Similar to Albufeira but a bit less busy, also with concerts in the night of the New years eve

Praia da Rocha fills up with people with a lot of people renting out rooms and houses with the sole purpose to spend the new years eve in Portimão.

Most, if not all, bars are open and ready to welcome everyone.


The perfect combination for those who want to spend some holidays surfing on the west coast but still want to party.

The New Years Eve in Lagos it’s not in terms of partying comparable to Albufeira, but it has quite a interesting nightlife and partys across the city.

Eastern Algarve

Monte Gordo

Probably one of the places which sees a bigger difference between summer and winter. In the new years eve Monte Gordo gets quite busy with all the summer offer available again and some fireworks by the beach where everyone enjoys some champaigne.

A great place in the east to spend the New Years eve in Algarve.

Olhão, Faro and Tavira

I gather them all in one because they are very similar in the way that they comemorate with concerts downtown and mostly local people or from neighbooring cities.

A great option if you are looking for a quite place and some nice boat activities.

Hidden Secrets – Ria Formosa Islands

If you manage to get housing in the Islands of Ria Formosa (Culatra Island, Farol Island and Armona Island) you can spend the new years eve here.

Most of this island become the perfect for spending the new year eve. With house parties all across the islands, no cars, no busyness and very friendly people.