Most Frequently asked questions about Winter in Algarve

We created a summary of the most frequently asked questions by our visitors related to Algarve during Winter. You can always reach us, and we will try our best to help you.

Where to say in Algarve during the Winter?

Short Answer is:

  • In our opinion, the best place is Lagos: Close to the West Coast and with very easy access to the central Algarve. Has the biggest community of Digital Nomads in Algarve and he is very quite place.
  • If you want to surf go to West Coast, most recommended city is Aljezur. 
  • If you want to party, Albufeira (the most touristic city all year round) and Faro for its university parties.
  • For a relaxed environment and the possibility of boat tours go to the east side and enjoy the Ria Formosa, Faro, Olhão and Tavira.
  • Most of the places are quite close and with a car, you can visit them all if you are planning to stay for a while.
How cold is the Algarve in the winter?

The Algarve Weather in Winter is one of the warmest places in Europe. The temperature in a usual sunny day goes up to 20-23 °C.  But at night it might get cold, and it’s important to have a heater. We have a full article about it here.

Things to do in Algarve during Winter

There is quite a lot to do in Algarve in the winter, such as:

Should I work from Algarve during winter?

Definitely yes, the warmer winter and fast internet make it the perfect combination to get to know the Algarve region in the winter while working remotely.

Do I need a car in Algarve during winter?

Yes, you should rent a car to visit Algarve in the Winter. Independently of summer or winter, you should always consider renting a car while visiting Algarve. Unfortunately, Algarve is not so well-connected in terms of public transport and some interesting places might not be reachable by train, bus or other.