The best area to see flamingos in the Algarve is Ria Formosa,  from Ludo to Cabanas de Tavira.

A lot of people do not know that they can find Flamingos in the Algarve, but it’s actually quite common to see them all year round in different spots of the region.


Near the road to Faro Island, there is Ludo Hiking Trail around salt pools, where it’s nice to walk and easy to see Flamingos.


We often see Flamingos in Olhao in the salt pool to the west of the town. It’s easy to walk there between the salt pools, though don’t come to close to these birds, they will fly away even if you are even 20 meters away. Now, because of the reparations in this part of Olhao, it’s becoming harder to see Flamingos.


You also can notice Flamingos riding the ferry or other boat in Ria Formosa from the center of Tavira to the islands. 

The best time to see flamingos in Algarve?

From November and March is the best time to see Flamingos, although it can be found all year round. 

Which specie can be found in Algarve?

The greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) is the largest of the flamingo species and can be found throughout Africa, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and, of course, Southern Europe. This large wading bird can grow in excess of 150cm tall and weigh more than 4kg. 

Where to see flamingos in Algarve
Where to see flamingos in Algarve

A little bit about Flamingos

These birds like shallow waters, where they can find food, especially micro shrimp, which give them pink color. There are a lot of salt pools in Ria Formosa, which used for salt production. Flamingos like these salt flats and birds poo is also beneficial for production. Pools rich in micro shrimp has a bit of orange color.

The pink color of Flamingo

Flamingo starts to be pink at 4 years old. But nowadays in the wild it’s not easy to meet wholly pink flamingos, as the environment isn’t so rich anymore. Without micro shrimp and other carotenoids  (algae, crustaceans, molluscs) Flamingos can not becoming brightly colored.

Usually in Ria Formosa We meet flamingos just with the pink wings In zoos Flamingos are fed with a specific diet, so they are pink.

Guided Flamingo watching

There are Flamingo tours and bird watching tours in the different locations in the eastern Algarve. You can book them on our website as well. Here is one of them.

Definitely seeing Flamingos in wild brings totally different feeling, than in the  zoos in (smaller or bigger) cages.

Where to see flamingos in Algarve
Where to see flamingos in Algarve

Recommended Tour

Where to see flamingos in Algarve

Flamingo Tour in Ria Formosa from Tavira

This 1:30 Hours boat tour shows you the Flamingos from leaving from Tavira, price per adult is 20€.