One of the most famous walks in eastern Algarve is the Walk between Armona Island and Fuseta Island, which in reality is the same island.

The correct designation would be Armona Island and Fuseta Beach – Sea. Moving on from details.

How long does it take from Armona Island to Fuseta Island?

From Armona Island to Fuseta Island, the cheapest option to reach Armona is the ferry from Olhao, however the Aqua-Taxi more flexibility.

How long does it take from Armona Island to Fuseta Island

W advise to walk on the coast side all the way to Fuseta Island, which is about 7 KM, walking in the sand translates in about 2 Hours.

From Fuseta Island to Fuseta

Once in Fuseta Island you can take the ferry boat between May and September or the Aqua-Taxi all year round.

To go from Fuseta to Olhão you can easily go by train, here you can find the schedule.


Before taking this trip make sure about the schedules of Aqua taxi in Fuseta and Ferry. In the winter, spring and autumn the schedule is reduced. There is not going to be no one to pick you and you will need to be go back to Armona Island, this happened to several visitors in the past.