When Is the Best Time to Kayak in Lagos

Kayaking from Lagos Portugal is a must-do activity. The view from the kayak to the rugged coastline is stunning. Caving with a kayak in lagos on Ponta da Piedade is Amazing.

In the south of Portugal, take to the water on an Algarve kayak tour in Lagos and soak in the area’s beauty year-round. Trips are available from March to October, with up to four trips per day during peak season in summer and twice per day in the shoulder season.

The morning tours are slightly quieter and the heat is less in summer. Although in the afternoon, specially during sunset due to the lighting you can take some of the most amazing pictures of these trip. In summer, the sea is calmer in the morning and a bit rougher in the afternoon. Some providers offer sunrise and sunset trips as well as just breathtaking.

Kayak in Lagos Cliffs and Caves - Ponta da Piedade
Kayak in Lagos Cliffs and Caves - Ponta da Piedade 12

Avoiding crowded months in Algarve

The Algarve is less crowded during the off season. In May and June, the sea is still a bit chilly. In June and September, the weather is fantastic and there are fewer people. Most accommodations are fully booked in summer, so July and August are very busy at the Algarve.

Kayak in Lagos
Kayak in Lagos Cliffs and Caves - Ponta da Piedade 13

What to expect of a Kayak in Lagos

The guided kayak trip takes 2.5 hours in small groups. Even for beginners, it is pretty fun and a workout. You receive a brief explanation of how to paddle and steer. You may even use a waterproof bag if you do not have your own. The cliff formations, the different caves, and the breathtaking views are all part of the crystal-clear water.

In the kayaks, you go into the caves and come out with differing perspectives. At the end, you arrive at a secluded beach. You can either swim, leap from the rocks or snorkel there.

There are Kayak tour in lagos to visit the caves and snorkel. Snorkeling is nice, but don’t expect too much. During the trip back, you can kayak or be towed back either solo or as part of a group. If you need help, a motorboat follows the group all the time.

What are the best Kayaking Tours in Lagos?

Bellow you can find the best Kayak tour Lagos, all of them are pretty similar and provide boat support. We advise tours as Kayak Rental Lagos might be challenging without previous experience.

Algarve Weather to Kayak in Lagos

During spring and autumn, the temperatures are usually 18-24°C in the shade, so much warmer in the sun at midday. In summer, temperatures frequently climb to 30°C, though nighttime temperatures cool down due to the sea breeze. The winter is the wettest time of the year, although it doesn’t rain for days frequently. The sea breeze cools the summer temperatures down, which results in roughly 16°C during the day and 9°C at night. The driest months are from May to September, though the weather is mild throughout the year. In July and August, Portugueses flock to the beaches to enjoy the Algarve’s beaches, which are packed with visitors.

The water in May is pleasant at 16-20°C, and after the hot summer at 24-18°C.

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