30 Minute Jet Boat Ride in Albufeira

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Albufeira, Portugal
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30 Minutes

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English, Francais, Portuguese

About this tour

A high-speed adventure the whole family will love? Glide through the waters of Albufeira on a jet boat ride in Albufeira for 30 minutes. Piloted by an expert captain, the boat accelerates, spins and splashes, so be prepared to have fun and get wet while enjoying the views of Portugal’s picturesque south coast.

As the jet boat lifts off from the harbor, hold onto the safety bar in front of you – your captain will take you on a wild ride. Do 360-degree spins, power breaks and slides, and create waves that splash all around you. It’s all part of the fun, so wear clothes that can get wet.

At a slower pace, you can admire the beauty of the Algarve coast, one of the most attractive destinations in Portugal. After all the excitement, it’s back to the Albufeira marina.


  • A thrilling 30 minutes ride on a jet boat where you whole family can enjoy an adrenaline boost
  • Skipper performs tricky maneuvers such as 360-degree spins and power slides
  • Exclusive access areas far from the busy touristic areas


  • Experienced skipper
  • Life Jackets
  • Amazing tour


0 - 3 hours



Tour's Location

Albufeira, Portugal
From: €35,00

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