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Boat tours in Fuseta – Best things to do

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Fuseta

Fuseta is still a secret to many tourists, but there is quite a lot of boat tours in Fuseta and things to do. Almost all of them water-related but more than enough to have a great time.

Also being part of Ria Formosa, Fuseta has a privileged location in terms of visiting the island, with it being way easier to cross to those islands than other regions, also the natural barriers make them one of the most beautiful landscapes in all Ria Formosa.

Ria Formosa Bootstour in Fuseta
Delfinbeobachtung in Fuseta

Delfinbeobachtung in Fuseta

2:30 Stunden

Want to visit Ria Formosa at your own pace?

Book an Aqua-taxi from Olhao and visit the islands of Ria Formosa. Feel free to discover the most out of beaten path parts of the Ria Formosa islands at your will. 

Boat tours in Fuseta - Best things to do

Other Tours near Fuseta

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Flamingo Tour in Ria Formosa from Tavira

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