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Weather for Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is known for its great weather all year round, but although some people might be surprised, it still rains in Algarve, so it’s always better to check the weather in Algarve so you know how to pack. 

The climate of the Algarve is widely considered one of the best in Europe, with more than 300 hours of sunshine every year, perfect for winter holidays and social events in the coldest months.

Summer in Algarve

Although summer can be very hot and dry, with temperatures averaging 29ºC, there are quite a lot of days in which the temperature in Algarve will go over the 30ºC. Be ready with some sunscreen, even if it is cloudy. 

Nights in the Algarve summer are usually warm but bring a jacket in case there is an ocean breeze. 


Autumn and Spring

For those who are not really fans of extreme heat, the Spring and Autumn months are the perfect ones to visit Algarve, with most of the rain in the winter, the middle seasons are great for Golf, Hiking, or other sports.  The Algarve temperature in Spring or Autumn usually varies between 17ºC-20ºC during the daytime, at night it can drop significantly. 



For most foreigners, the great challenge with the Algarve weather in Winter is actually the fact that most of the houses do not have heating, which may not be a problem if you are staying in a Hotel or B&B, but definitely might be if not the case, or if you visit some places without heating at night. 

The sea wind can really make you feel cold, so be prepared with some rain jackets.


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