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A local project of people who live in the region. We rediscover Algarve, write about it, make videos and support our activities with selling tours on this website.

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Detailed guides about Algarve locations available on our website. We write putting the heart in it.

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We sell various tours without added price. Our partners located in every part of the Algarve.

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Where to see flamingos in Algarve

Where to see flamingos in Algarve

The best area to see flamingos in the Algarve is Ria Formosa,  from Ludo to Cabanas de Tavira. A lot of people do not know that they can find Flamingos in the Algarve, but it's actually quite common to see them all year round in different spots of the region. Faro...

Algarve islands around Tavira

Algarve islands around Tavira

Ria Formosa islands of eastern Algarve The most southern region of Portugal, Algarve, on its eastern part has a lagoon named Ria Formosa, which also is a national park. Line of barrier islands creates a safe area from waves and strong ocean winds, home for a lot of...