1 Hour Boat Tour in Ria Formosa From Olhao

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Pinheiros de Marim 124-A, 8700-225 Olhão

+351 961 398 169

1 Hour

Armona Route

Armona – or more formally, the Armona Island – is one of the five barrier islands of the Ria Formosa. Of the five, it is one of the most populated, especially during the summer, but it is also one of the most enjoyable for beach or water sports. It has a lagoon, a campsite and some rental cabins. It is also possible to rent private houses. There are restaurants near the jetty, some of them with family traditions already passed from generation to generation. There are no cars on the island, only emergency and cleaning motor vehicles. Water sports enthusiasts also find at Armona a good place to practice. Canoeing, sailing and diving are just a few. Recreational fishing is also quite popular. In addition to the inhabited part of the island, there is a wilder section where you can find, for example, chameleons and other specimens of local fauna.

Itinerary: Olhão – Ria Formosa Natural Park – Armona Island (15min stop) – Olhão

Olhão: There are indications that the Olhão territory is populated since prehistoric times.The proximity to the inlet and the abundance of water and fish led to the establishment of the first fishermen. The development of inshore and offshore fishing activity, and the development of the commercial trades led to a great development of the town, which in 1695, was known by Nossa Senhora do Rosário from Olhão.
During the French occupation of the Algarve, in 1808, the Olhão residents started  a major uprising against the invaders, which led to the expulsion of them of our territory. Olhão would be known as Olhão Restoration village.The small fishing village had an great economic, social and urban development, so in 1985 was elevated to city, getting known for the Olhão Restoration city.
Currently remains a land of fishermen and canning industrials, but the crisis in the sector has led to the increase of tourism as an economic alternative. The city has about 14900 residents.

Armona Island: The island has about 9 km long, maximum width of 1400m on the SW end and a long frontal dune 8-9 m tall. The dune line is robust and well vegetated till Fuzeta. The deposition of sediment to the west is an unique phenomenon in the whole system of Ria Formosa and contributes to the narrowing of Armona Inlet. The widest part of the island is on the west extreme where we find the town of Armona, formed by fishermens and shellfishes. Nowadays most of the houses serve as holiday homes for owners and/or renting houses in summer period.