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Джип-сафари-тур по западному побережью Алгарве

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7 часов
Несколько локаций
We take you to discover Silves and West Coast in Algarve

This is a day of discovery and history where you will visit some of the most interesting and scenic areas of the Algarve. Our route follows lesser travelled paths, giving you a discerning view of Portugal’s past and present.

We travel to the town of Silves, in Moorish times the capital of the Algarve. Here we visit the castle which dates from this period and affords magnificent views over the surrounding countryside. The red-toned stone seems to glow in the sunshine and the sense of living history is palpable. There is time to visit the impressive cathedral and to wander the narrow streets and alleys. (entrance fees not included)

From here we continue our ascent into the Monchique Mountain, a haven of green undulating hillsides, majestic cork trees and pungent eucalyptus groves. We will visit the charming little spa village of Caldas de Monchique, with springs of proven medicinal properties. The surrounding area is very beautiful and perfect for a leisurely stroll. Following the winding road, we reach the highest point in the Algarve – Fóia – standing at 902m above sea-level. The views here are dramatic and the air incredibly pure.

Downhill then from Fóia, crossing the countryside and stopping in the small village of Marmelete where you have time to enjoy lunch in one of the local restaurants (included).

After lunch we go straight to Costa Vicentina, to visit some magnificent beaches where you can have some time to walk around, take some excellent pictures, relax and enjoy the view.

Then it’s on to the ‘end of the world’ – Cape St. Vincent, the southwestern point of Europe, where you can feel the wilderness of the place! Breathe the invigorating air of the Atlantic and marvel at the vastness of the landscape! The lighthouse that rises in this place defies the elements and is one of the most important in Europe due to its strategic position.

Passage through Sagres, a typical fishing village and its sheltered fishing port.

Don’t miss this day – a perfect blend of past and present!


  • западное побережье
  • Monchique
  • Пляж Амаду и Каррапатейра

Включает в себя

  • NLunch included
  • NОпытный гид
  • NВстреча и высадка

Важно знать

Удобная одежда и обувь, вода, солнцезащитный крем и солнцезащитные очки.
** Это занятие не рекомендуется беременным женщинам / людям с сердечными заболеваниями и другими чувствительными состояниями. **