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Benagil Caves + Dolphin Wathing from Portimao

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2:30 Horas
Enjoy the best of 2 worlds with Benagil Caves and Dolphin Watching from Portimao

This trip of about two and a half hours, departing from Portimao Marina, offers two magnificent experiences: the observation of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and the observation of our Algarve coast.

In the company of a marine biologist, in the midst of an endless blue, we will look for what many consider to be the most emblematic animals in the world, dolphins, which will provide you with strong and unforgettable emotions. Our goal is to take on a dolphin watching from Portimao.

Continuing our journey, we will introduce you to beautiful rock formations, including the famous cave “Algar de Benagil”.


  • PGolfinhos
  • PGruta de Benagil
  • POther Caves


  • PLive commentary
  • PColete salva-vidas
  • PSkipper Experiente

Importante saber

- Although there is a very high chance of dolphin watching, sometimes is not possible due to them being wild animal.